Can you imagine what it would feel like to double or triple your conversion rate and see your sales rocket – without having to do any selling?

Qwantify – $0-$7M in 18 Months

Sales Generated for Qwantify After We Started Working Together

Keith Lynch


Start Date: July 2019

Before: $0

After: $7M

Timeline: 18 Months

Website: (Online Business Development)


Keith Lynch is the Founder & CEO of Qwantify, a Florida-based digital development and marketing agency that achieved success by providing turnkey, profitable “done for you” e-commerce websites for its clients.

However, Keith’s business started to flatline. He wasn’t able to scale or expand his agency without professional closers to help close the leads that were pouring in each and every month.

After booking a strategy call with us, we were able to guide Qwantify how best to grow and scale their business with our help.

The first month resulted in six figures closed with substantial growth every month thereafter. After 18 months with us, we have closed over 120+ new clients for Qwantify, resulting in nearly $7 million in total revenue.

Keith has been able to grow his agency to a thriving, 7-figure company on its way to an 8, and soon to be 9-figure digital powerhouse.


“I couldn’t have done it without you! You have become not just a Partner, but family.”

This email from Keith is just one of many email testimonials we get everyday.

She’s Got Goals – 0-$277k in 7 Months

Sales Generated for She’s Got Goals After We Started Working Together

Karwanna Dyson


Start Date: June 2020

Before: $0

After: $277k

Timeline: 7 Months

Website: (Small Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Government Contracts)


“I’m really proud of the results that I’ve gotten with Closers Club. So it’s definitely had a positive impact on my business, just kind of helping me to grow in time, to get tremendous results in a very short period.”